Lignosulfonate is widely used in wet granulation for agro fertilizer and pesticide and other chemicals,during the process lower extrusion is used to make the powder form into granule which is much more convenient for users,with good effect to reduce the granule dust ,increase the strength and flow property.

Our lignosulfonate products largely optimize the extrusion process condition,as it could increase the consistency of the prmix,make the premixed wet premix past  easier fed to extruder,as premix consistency is critical to the efficiency of extrusion.

Our lignsoulfoante products has multifunctional effect and is best described as a combination of binder, rheological modifier and dispersant.

Specifically its performance , they offer controlled flocculation or agglomeration of particles . This means that both the agglomeration of particles (needed for the compaction of the powder) and the dispersing of the same (needed for eventual disintegration of the granules) is made possible by the fact that  are adsorbed at the particle interface.

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