Liquid Lignosulfonate Description

We have three liquid lignosulfonates,calcium lignosufonate liquid,potassium lignosulfonate liquid,sodium lignosulfonate liquid.

Main Specification

Product Name  Liquid Potassium


 Liquid Sodium


Liquid Calcium


Appearance      Black Liquid Black Liquid Black Liquid
Product Code      GAC-KLS-L GAC-NaLS-L GAC-CaLS-L
Solid content      45%min  45%min  45%min
Water-insoluble matter      2.5%max 2.5%max 2%max
Lignosulphonate      25%min 25%min 25%min
Sugar      Around 4% Around 4% Around 4%
Density(g/ml)      1.20-1.30 1.20-1.30 1.20-1.30
PH      4-6 7-9.5 5-6
Liquid Lignosulfonate Loading

Liquid Lignosulfonate Loading

Package:Flexible container bags. 

Liquid Lignosulfonate Technical Data Sheet

Liquid lignosulfonate msds

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