Chrome Free Lignosulfonate Description

Chrome Free Lignosulfonate naturally work as thinners and dispersants for the Oilfield Industry .Also is a versatile Deflocculants, temperature Stabilizer, Filtration control additive and gel strength reducer for water based mud systems, it effectively controls theological properties at elevated temperatures.

Main Specification

Item Requirement
Material insoluble to water 2.5%max
Moisture 8.5%max
PH(2% water solution) 2.8~3.8
Appearance Brown powder

Mud performance

Item Fresh water drilling mud Salt water
drilling mud
Normal temperature Apparent  viscosity  mPa.s ≤20 ≤25
Rate of reducing viscosity % ≥85 ≥65
High temperature Apparent viscosity   mPa.s ≤35 ≤45
Rate of reducing viscosity % ≥60 ≥45

Chrome Free Lignosulfonate


1.Chrome Free Lignosulfonate thinner may be added into drilling fluids either in the form of solution or powder.
2.As thinner ,fresh water mud 1.0%(W/V), salt water mud 2.0%(W/V).


25kg net weight. With PE film bag inside and paper-plastic complex bag outside.