Sodium Lignosulfonate 8061-51-6

Sodium Lignosulfonate Description

Sodium lignosulfonate(Sodium Lignosulphonate) lignosulfonic acid sodium salt ,Sodium lignosulfonate is a lignosulfonate compound that contains sodium as a cation. It is derived from lignin, a natural polymer found in the cell walls of plants.

Molecular Formula‎: ‎C20H24Na2O10S2,CAS No‎: ‎8061-51-6,Formula Weight‎: ‎534.51.Appearance is water soluble yellow brown powder.

Here are some key points about sodium lignosulfonate:

  1. Chemical Composition: Sodium lignosulfonate is primarily composed of lignosulfonic acid salts derived from the sulfite pulping process. It consists of lignin molecules modified with sulfonate groups and sodium ions.
  2. Solubility: Sodium lignosulfonate is highly soluble in water, forming a solution in which the sodium ions and lignosulfonate molecules are dispersed.
  3. Physical Properties: Sodium lignosulfonate is typically a brown to dark brown powder or granules. The exact appearance may vary depending on the manufacturing process and the specific product grade.

Main Specification

Product nameGrade One Grade Two Grade Three
AppearanceYellow Brown PowderBrown PowderBrown Powder
Water Reducing Capacity12%min5%min8%min


Mainly used as as water reducing agent in concrete admixture,binder in ceramics,binder for coke or industrial metal powder,dispersant agent for dyes,also can used as feed additives.

1.Sodium Lignosulfonate mainly used as cement water-reducing agent, leading to the diffusion of group of cement so that the water content is precipitated out, increasing its mobility, thereby reducing the mixing water, and saving cement. It acts as a water reducer and dispersant, improving the workability, flowability, and strength of concrete mixes.

2.Sodium Lignosulfonate used in the formulation of the oil drilling pulp, can reduce mud viscosity and shear force to control the mobility of drilling mud. In this case, the inorganic mud and inorganic salt impurities remain in the suspension state in the drilling, preventing the mud flocculation. It also has prominent salt resistance, anti-calcium and high temperature resistance.

3.Animal Feed Binder:Sodium lignosulfonate acts as a binder in animal feed pellets. It improves pellet quality, prevents dustiness, and enhances feed durability, making it easier to handle and ensuring proper nutrient intake for livestock and poultry.

The benefits of lignosulfonates in animal health are remarkably similar to those in the soil. Where lignosulfonate helps to balance the critical fungal:bacteria ratio in the soil they can also stabilise the animal’s intestinal flora to improve feed efficiency (5% to 15% weight gains have been reported in cattle, pigs and poultry).

4.Agricultural Applications: Sodium lignosulfonate can be used in agriculture as a soil conditioner, plant growth enhancer, and dust suppressant. It helps improve soil structure, water retention, nutrient availability, and reduces airborne dust particles.

Sodium lignosulfonate are similar, buffering agents in the soil they can also offer a protective mechanism in the animal where they are able to form a protective film on the mucous lining of the gastro-intestinal tract. This film also helps to prevent excessive losses of water via the intestine.

5.Dispersing Agent: Sodium lignosulfonate is utilized as a dispersing agent in various industries, including paints, coatings, ceramics, and more. It helps to disperse and stabilize solid particles, pigments, clays, or fillers in liquid systems, preventing their agglomeration or settling.Sodium Lignosulfonatecan also be used as concrete water-reducing agent, oil drilling mud dispersant, printing and dyeing and so on

6.Environmental Considerations: Sodium lignosulfonate is derived from renewable sources, primarily lignin extracted from wood pulp. It is considered environmentally friendly, biodegradable, and has low toxicity.


1.25kgs woven bags with liner inside.

2.According to customer requirement.

Sodium Lignosulfonate TDS and MSDS

  1. Sodium Lignosulfonate Grade One Technical Data Sheet(GAC-NaLS-1)
  2. Sodium Lignosulfonate Grade Three Technical Data Sheet(GAC-NaLS-3)
  3. Sodium Lignosulfonate Grade Two Technical Data Sheet(GAC-NaLS-2)
  4. Sodium lignosulfonate MSDS

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