Super Sodium lignosulfonate Description

Super Sodium lignosulfonate is refined sodium lignosulfonate,with lignosulfonate 95%minimum,has stronger capability of dispersing and emulsifying.

Main Specification

Product Name Super Sodium Lignosulfonate
Product code GAC-NaLS-Super
Color  Brown Blacke powder
Insolubility 0.5%max
Dry maters  95%min
Lignosulphonate 95%min
pH 9
Density 0. 532g/cm3
 Moisture 7%max

super sodium lignosulfonate


In the chemical industries super Sodium lignosulfonate are used in the manufacture of pesticides and seed dressing – as dispersant and stabilizer of suspensions in the manufacture of chemical plant protection.


  • 25kgs woven bags with liner inside
  • According Customers’requirement.

Super Sodium lignosulfonate TDS and MSDS