Magnesium Lignosulfonate

Magnesium Lignosulfonate Description

Magnesium Lignosulfonate(Magnesium Lignosulphonate) is widely used as water reducing agent of concrete, Additive of coal water slurry, filler and dispersant of pesticide, reinforcing agent of refractory material and ceramics, Binder of powdery and granular materials, dispersant and viscosity depressant.


Product NameMagnesium Lignosulphonate
 Product codeGAC-MgLS
AppearanceLight Yellow Powder
Water Reducing Capacity12%min
Reducing Sugar7%around
 Total Magnesium5-8%

Magnesium Lignosulfonate


  1. Magnesium Lignosulfonatecan be directly used in concrete as a common water reducing agent. It can also be used together with high efficient water reducing agents such as naphthalene series and melamine series water reducing agent. It is a raw material with good performance to price ratio for producing set retarding water reducing agent and set retarding pumping agent. It can be used widely as adhesive, strengthening agent and water shutoff agent in smelting, ceramic and petroleum industries.
  2. Work as dust-suppression roads as well as in dusty processes within industry. Lignosulfonate is used as a dispersant in products like fodder, disperse pesticides, dyes,carbon black, and other insoluble solids and liquids into water.
  3. Magnesium Lignosulfonatecould work as a binder of powder and granular materials: for iron ore powder, lead and zinc powder, pulverized coal, coke Toner pressure on the ball; extrusion of cast iron, cast steel sand repression; mud-brick wall and floor tiles molding; mineral aggregate into a ball and provides high strength, good stability, lubrication and mold good results.


  1. 25kgs woven bags with liner inside
  2. According to customer’s requirement

Magnesium Lignosulfonate TDS and MSDS

Magnesium Lignosulfonate Technical Data Sheet

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