Chrome Lignosulfonate Description

Chrome lignosulfonate is mostly used in oil drilling as multi-purpose deflocculant, gel-strength reducer, viscosity controller and fluid loss reducer.

Main Specification

Item Requirement
Moisture 8.5%max
Insoluble in water 2.5%max
CaSO4 3.0%
Total Cr 3.6~4.2
Cr complex 75.0%max

Mud performance

Item Fresh water drilling mud Salt water
drilling mud
Normal temperature Apparent viscosity
≤30 ≤30
Rate of reducing viscosity   % ≥85 ≥65
High temperature Apparent viscosity
≤40 ≤45
Rate of reducing viscosity   % ≥60 ≥60
Chrome Lignosulfonate

Chrome Lignosulfonate

Chrome Lignosulfonate Technical Data Sheet

Chorme lignosulfonate MSDS

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