Calcium Lignosulfonate Description

Calcium Lignosulfonate(Calcium Lignosulphonate) is water soluble yellow powder ,byproduct from sulfite pulping of paper industry.Soluble in water , insoluble in organic solvent ,average molecular weight in the range of 40000-65000.

Molecular Formula:C20H24CaO10S2

Molecular Weight:528.6 g/mol

Main Specification



Calcium Lignosulphonate

Grade One

Calcium lignosulfonate

Grade Two

Calcium lignosulfonate

Grade Three

 Product code GAC-CaLS-1 GAC-CaLS-2 GAC-CaLS-3
Appearance Light Yellow Powder Yellow Brown Powder Yellow Brown Powder
 Solubility 98.5%min 98%min 97.5%min
Lignosulphonate 55%min 50%min 50%min
Sulphate 2%min 2%min 2%min
Water Reducing Capacity 12%min 5%min 8%min
Reducing Sugar 7%around 7%around 7%around
 Total Calcium and Magnesium 5-8% 5-8% 5-6%
 pH 7-9.5 9.0-13.0 4-7
Moisture 7%max 7%max 7%max


  • Calcium Lignosulfonatecould work as a binder of powder and granular materials: for iron ore powder, lead and zinc powder, pulverized coal, coke Toner pressure on the ball; extrusion of cast iron, cast steel sand repression; mud-brick wall and floor tiles molding; mineral aggregate into a ball and provides high strength, good stability, lubrication and mold good results.
  • Calcium lignosulfonateused as a dispersant in products like fodder, disperse pesticides, dyes,leather tanning,carbon black, and other insoluble solids and liquids into water.


  • 25kgs woven bags with liner inside
  • According Customers’requirement

Calcium Lignosulfonate TDS and MSDS