Sodium Lignohumate

Sodium Lignohumate Description

Sodium Lignohumate is black powder,complete water soluble.Mainly used as binder,polluted water treatment agent,feed additives and so on.


Product NameSodium Lignohumate
 Product codeGAC-NaLSHA
AppearanceBlack Powder or Flake
 Total Magnesium5-8%


  1. Binder for ceramics.

Sodium lignohumate has different compositions and molecular dimensions , can increase mechanical green and dry strength in ceramic pieces. Also, they work as lubricants during extrusion or pressing . Additions of lignohumates to ceramic slips can vary from 0.1 to 2.0% and they are relatively inexpensive. For pressed tiles, 1% lignohumate can double mechanical strength (however often a black core appears). lignohumates are often used to reduce shrinkage yet maintain after-forming mechanical strength.

2.Feed additives

Sodium Lignohumate are fossilised plant material originating from a period which pre-dates the dinosaurs. The dark powder contains the dense mineral component which characterised those ancient plants. It also contains the amino acids and many of the other beneficial phytochemicals from that original plant matter.


  1. 25kgs woven bags with liner inside
  2. According to customer requirement.

Sodium Lignohumate