Sodium lignosulfonate used as water reducing agent

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Lignosulfonate can be used in concrete work as plasticizers will reduce the cost by 10-15%,the lignosulfonate could assume 0.5-2% of the total mixture w/w,will increase the strength of concrete by 20-26%.

Functions as follows
Improved strength and durability of the cured concrete
Reduced formulation cost
Increased workability of the concrete mix

Sodium lignosulfonate water reducing agent, By sulfite pulp waste liquid of legal system formed by chemical modification and processing. Medium molecular weight, The reducing sugar content in low,Used for concrete admixture, With low dosage, low gas content, to cement the characteristics of strong adaptability, The most notable feature is the rear with naphthalene superplasticizer complex, Liquid admixture made no precipitate.

Main performance

Can reduce water consumption by more than 14%, Significantly improve the workability of concrete. Can greatly reduce the initial heat of hydration of cement hydration. No chlorine salt, no corrosive effect on steel. Alkali-free active substance.

Method of use

Sodium lignosulfonate water reducing agent,In concrete recommended dosage of 0.2% -0.6%(cement weight meter), Users should determine the optimal dosage through the experiment. Sodium lignosulfonate water reducing agent can be used as liquid. Users can experiment to determine the content and proportion.


Using sodium lignosulfonate water reducing agent, Strictly control the content,use less the effect is not obvious,use more affect the early strength of concrete. When the temperature is below 5 ℃, Concrete works should not be used alone.


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