Sodium lignosulfonate water-reducing agent

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Sodium lignosulfonate water-reducing agent by using pulping black liquor, which has the following preparation technological steps: after the thin pulping black liquor is concentrated into dark black liquor of which the solid content is from 30 to 60% by a concentrator, the dark black liquor is pumped into a reactor, and the pH value of a reaction system is adjusted to 10.5 to 13.5 by adding an acidic regulating agent; then after 0.05 to 2.5% parts by mass of catalyst and 1.5 to 20.0% parts by mass of sulfonating agent are added to react for 1 to 6 hours at the reaction temperature of 80-120 DEG C, materials are discharged after an additive with calculated amount is added to react for 0.5 to 3.0 hours, a product is a chocolate brown liquid, and solid powder can be obtained after the chocolate brown liquid is sprayed and dried.

The performance index of the product accords with that of a first-order product of a retardation water-reducing agent in the GB8076-1997 standard; in addition, the whole production process of the product does not have three waste discharge, and the problem of pollution of the black liquor in a pulping paper mill is solved. Therefore, the preparation technology is a clean and environmental-friendly technology.

Aspect the sulfonation research of xylogen, existing both at home and abroad relevant bibliographical information.U.S. Dilling Peter methylates xylogen hydroxyl sodium earlier, utilizes SO then 

The sodium lignosulfonate of low saline salinity is prepared in sulfonation [3], he also utilizes the concentrated acid sulfonation xylogen to produce water miscible sulfonated lignin [4-5]In addition, he is raw material with the xylogen also, with the vitriol oil and 30%SO 3Mixture prepares water miscible sulfonated lignin as sulphonating agent [6-7]After the Forss Bengt of Finland utilizes the black digestion liquid classification of ultra-filtration technique with sodium base bisulfite pulping, as concrete admixture [8]The Ishitoku Hideaki of Japan etc. are linking agent with formaldehyde, with Na with after the black liquor of pulp making acidifying, precipitating and isolating xylogen 2SO 3For sulphonating agent prepares sodium lignosulfonate [9]The researcher of China is also being done some researchs aspect the sulfonation of xylogen, Yang Wenbo etc.

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