Sodium Lignosulphonate Used In Dye Industry

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Sodium lignosulphonate is a kind of anion surface-active agent made of sulphite whose main raw material is the northeast white pine, following the process of concentration, sugar-exclusion,displacement ,etc.
It is used in dyestuffs industry mainly. This product has many kinds of different function , for instance viscidity control , colour adjusted etc., but main function is the scattering of the dyestuffs, this product has hydrophilic. It creates double membrane layers when interacting with the moisture molecular.prevent the dyestuffs particle from condensing once again to improve grinding .

Operation methods:
1.To use as dispersant,to determine the proportion of the dyestuffs and dispersant according to the strong degree of the dispersant, after confirming dispersant consumption,first half of the lignin sulfonic acid sodium dispersant first and dyestuffs are mixed until it ends, then put into another dispersant , this will get a better result than to all put all the dispersant together once .

2.Sodium Lignosulfonate use as packing agent , may put in when spray dying or standardization.

3.The different kinds of dyestuffs or the same variety without the same factory, should have a test to determine the suitable dispersant dosage .

Sodium Lignosulphonate Used In Dye Industry

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